Web App • 2021/22
Product Design, UX Design, UI Design


Kwello offers social monitoring, insights and analytics, and engagement planning to medical affairs teams of pharmaceutical companies.

Project Brief:

Redesigning the existing product and adding new features without upsetting the current users. Also, the new design must work on both Kwello's own branding and any branding that might be applied to it.


This project had multiple challenges: getting ahead of competitors, increasing the data presented, offering a better experience to users, and designing an interface that doesn't break when users customize the data.

I started the project by analyzing the current product and competitors, followed by stakeholder interviews. With this information, I prioritized the data and features. Then we verified the new layout and data with wireframe tests. After having the dashboard layout, I worked on the base UI and component library. At the same time, I worked on responsive versions of the layout.

This concluded the first phase of the product, then I continued with all the necessary pages for this module - social monitoring, and moved on to the other modules, such as CRM, Analytics, etc., with careful sprint planning.

Layout & features breakdown:

I analyzed and cross-matched all the pages in the current product, including most competitors, to see how we and our competitors present data and features.

User flows & mind maps:

I documented and redesigned all the user flows as mind maps. This eliminates the surprise factor we might encounter later.

Redesign example:

Here is the old and new look of the Social Monitoring Dashboard.

Data visualization examples:

There are many different pages with different chart types, layouts, and customization options.

Fully responsive:

The front end is fully responsive, from portrait tablets to landscape horizontal screens.